About the Decorator

Ana Borges is the founder and CEO of Ana Borges Interiores. She has a degree in Art History but it was her passion – Decoration – that led her to create the company, in 1997.  Photography and traveling occupy her free time.

Empathetic, persevering, extroverted and communicative, she is always open to new trends. Creating elegant, harmonious, functional and comfortable spaces is what she most enjoys doing.

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Two bedrooms for sisters of different ages and styles. The result was one romantic and one glamorous style room. Both very elegant and cool to give the two young girls a quiet space to rest.

The glamour of the black and white bedroom is visible in the small details of the capitoné headboard with ears and the feathers applied to the pillows.

The soft blue and pink tones in satin fabrics give an extra sparkle to the curtains and pillows of the romantic bedroom.

Once again, we produced the curtains, the stitched bedspreads, pillows and the upholstery for both the armchairs and the headboards.



Near the Sea

Breath of Fresh Air

Serene Space

Black and Gold

Refinement and Rest

A Sumptuous Classic


Vamos criar, juntos,  o seu projeto ou decoração de sonho.