About the Decorator

Ana Borges is the founder and CEO of Ana Borges Interiores. She has a degree in Art History but it was her passion – Decoration – that led her to the creation of the company, in 1997.  Photography and traveling occupy her free time.

Empathetic, persevering, extroverted and communicative, she is always open to new trends. Creating elegant, harmonious, functional and comfortable spaces is what she most enjoys doing.

01Room and Bedroom Restyle

Transforming spaces with existing furniture and pieces is always a challenge. In this case we had to keep the wenge furniture and turn a space that was previously dark and heavy, into a more spacious and bright room. Taking advantage of the large windows and their naturally wide configuration, we put neutral wallpaper on most walls, wavy white curtains and for a touch of comfort, we provided the upholstery in gray fabric with easyclean technology.

We introduced blue and aqua-green tones in the pillows, abat-jours, wallpaper and some decorative pieces, to give color to the renewed space.

The daughter’s room was completely transformed with new furniture and a fresh and current decoration.

All furniture and upholstery provided by us was manufactured to the client’s specifications. The simple wallpaper used to cover all the walls makes the space cozier and the selected pieces to complement the space such as: the iron bedside tables, the glass lamps and the mirrors create a perfect symmetry that makes the room very elegant.



Near the Sea

Breath of Fresh Air

Serene Space

Black and Gold

Refinement and Rest


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