About the Decorator

Ana Borges is the founder and CEO of Ana Borges Interiores. She has a degree in Art History but it was her passion – Decoration – that led her to create the company, in 1997.  Photography and traveling occupy her free time.

Empathetic, persevering, extroverted and communicative, she is always open to new trends. Creating elegant, harmonious, functional and comfortable spaces is what she most enjoys doing.


Because rest is an inseparable part of work, the coziness of a living room at the end of the day is a must.

There is nothing better after an exhausting day of work, than taking off the shoes and getting into our comfort zone. Reading a book, watching TV or even just resting are moments that can give us some peace of mind if we are in the right environment.

We made the rest areas of this apartment in Lisbon modern, relaxing and functional. We also took into account soft lighting and kept the fluid transition between the various areas of the house.

In addition to making and installing curtains and other textile products, this project was developed with the support of 2D plans and 3D renders, as it contemplated all kinds of decoration materials and services.

Thus we unified the dining and living room with the decorative pieces to harmonize the space.



Near the Sea

Breath of Fresh Air

Serene Space

Black and Gold

Relaxing in Vilamoura


Let’s create, together, your dream project or decoration.