About the Decorator

Ana Borges is the founder and CEO of Ana Borges Interiores. She has a degree in Art History but it was her passion – Decoration – that led her to create the company, in 1997. Photography and traveling occupy her free time.

Empathetic, persevering, extroverted and communicative, she is always open to new trends. Creating elegant, harmonious, functional and comfortable spaces is what she most enjoys doing.


This project was designed for a seasonal dwelling near the beach in the Municipality of Cascais, which can be used with comfort at any time of the year.

The room is composed of four different environments. A dining area that through its own lighting and clean furniture, promotes conviviality and well-being at the table.

The reading corner that offers through a game of mirrors an environment with its own identity for a moment of recollection advocated by comfort.

The living area, designed with the different age groups and needs of a large family in mind.

In order to take advantage of the fantastic seascape, a lounge area was created to provide different moments for two.

The master suite, characterized by the contrast of neutral tones, presents a romantic and very current touch. Based on the geometry of shapes, this is a comfortable, simple and functional space.

Taking advantage of the available area in the bedrooms to receive the whole family comfortably, fresh and adaptable spaces were conceived for the various users. To highlight the room designed for children with a trilight whose design was defined by us, ensures an optimization of space, leaving room for the play of the younger ones.



Near the Sea

Breath of Fresh Air

Relax Vilamoura

Black and Gold

Refinement and Rest


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