About the Decorator

Ana Borges is the founder and CEO of Ana Borges Interiores. She has a degree in Art History but it was her passion – Decoration – that led her to create the company, in 1997. Photography and traveling occupy her free time.

Empathetic, persevering, extroverted and communicative, she is always open to new trends. Creating elegant, harmonious, functional and comfortable spaces is what she most enjoys doing.

01World of Travel - Famões

The challenge proposed by the clients was reflecting the family travels in this brand new detached house.

Strictly respecting the theme and having in mind that we were creating the house of our clients’ dreams, the decoration was thought to have an impact right from the entrance hall.

The couple’s trip to Dubai served as inspiration for the living room decor, where rich textures and sandy tones prevail. On the wall a commissioned art work with the city silhouette, creating a Middle Eastern ambiance.

The dining room decoration makes reference to another of the clients’ travels, where the colours and shine of the oversized canvas convey a joyful atmosphere to this fundamentally socialising area.

Each of the bedrooms was carefully decorated with bespoke furniture to accommodate the hopes and dreams of the residents, always invoking the memories of each travel.

To meet the clients’ expectations and wishes, this project also includes a bespoke wine cellar, designed by our team.



Near the Sea

Breath of Fresh Air

Serene Space

Black and Gold

Refinement and Rest


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